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EnergyAce manufacture a number of energy saving solutions and Power Factor Correction products utilising our own patented technology to help make your business more profitable and comply with ECO legislation.

We like to listen to our clients and understand the basics of their operation through simple enquiry and request copies of energy billing.

This allows our engineers to form an educated opinion on how energy is consumed and qualify the savings through a free desk top survey before moving on to a more detailed analysis.

Many of our clients have differing needs from:

  • Saving money and making their business more profitable
  • Removing hidden penalties from energy bills
  • Reducing demand as their electrical supply may be overloaded
  • Expanding capacity to install new machines
  • Reducing carbon emissions to meet legislation
  • Ensuring existing energy efficiency products are functioning correctly
  • Ensuring a planned maintenance scheme is implemented
  • Investigation into electrical faults and unexplained occurrences
  • Compliance with standards and legislation

EnergyAce will address one or all the above issues, we work with our clients to remove concerns and ensure we keep within the budget available.

EnergyAce delivers real measurable savings for our clients and takes away the pains of compliance.

IMPORTANT! Smart Grid Compliance is a very important consideration when considering an investment in an energy savings system incorporating voltage management technology, all EnergyAce energy savings systems are fully Smart Grid ready and will respond seamlessly to grid fluctuations while other less intelligent systems may place the electrical supply at risk to low voltage as Smart Grid is implemented.

Download the EnergyAce What we do brochure.

  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Save up to 20% on energy usage
  • Remove hidden penalties from bills
  • Make your business more profitable
  • Reduce your carbon emissions

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