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NFU Scotland – EnergyAce Partnership

NFU Scotland has established a partnership with EnergyAce to offer exclusive discounts on EnergyAce an advanced energy reduction system which can deliver real measurable energy savings of up to 60%.

The first stage of any energy reduction scheme is to gather accurate information and data on your existing energy consumption and efficiency. This step is fundamental and starts by completing an on-line questionnaire which requests details about your oganisation and your sites energy consumption – to commence registration, click on the Sign In / Register button below: 

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Registration is easy and if you don’t have time to complete all the information, follow the instructions to simply save your application to complete fully later.

Don’t forget to enter NFUS2018- the unique code when asked to do so which will trigger your NFU Scotland discount

Click HERE if you need assistance completing the registration 

How EnergyAce Works 

There are two fundamental approaches: 

  1. Following on line registration as above, introduce a combined Energy Reduction Solution specially designed for maximum impact on your site and complete with Online Remote Metering if the opportunity is clear.
  1. Following on line registration as above, introduce Online Remote Metering to better understand the opportunity for energy reduction as a prelude to introducing the most appropriate Energy Reduction Solution for your site.

* The EnergyAce guarantee

EnergyAce promise that if you do not save energy costs equal to the cost of the initial Online Remote Metering and monitoring solution within 36 months of installation, EnergyAce will completely refund the cost and you can keep the metering for free

The aim of EnergyAce is to provide a cost-effective strategy for energy reduction, and then to implement the most appropriate solutions for your particular business as detailed below although during our incorporation since 2002, we have found many anomaly’s in energy billing and have successful aped for rebates for our customers which is also a service we are able to offer NFU Scotland members:.

The EnergyAce complete turnkey solution for energy reduction and carbon reporting typically consists of seven stages:

  1. Understand – Study client’s energy bills to understand current spend and bill structure
  2. Measure - Use remote online monitoring to benchmark current consumption 
  3. Assess – Carry out site survey to understand processes and load profile
  4. Present – Generate an efficient cost-effective energy reduction strategy
  5. Implement – Introduce energy efficiency measures and energy saving solutions
  6. Measure – confirm impact on energy reduction
  7. Review – Repeat steps 3 to 6 as required to obtain optimum and sustainable energy reduction

Having identified the wastage, many projects to reduce energy consumption then fail for the simple reason that somebody needs to take ownership of the data within the organisation in order to interrogate it and then investigate the most appropriate energy-reducing solutions. However, in today’s world, who has the time or the skills necessary to carry out this vital role effectively? 

That’s why, unlike some other services, EnergyAce does all the hard work, including this data analysis, for you. 

Benefits of EnergyAce 

The EnergyAce energy reduction system doesn’t just reduce energy use and the associated costs, but as it is tailored, flexible and expandable it offers several benefits, including:  

  • Simple low-cost way of delivering energy savings of up to 60%
  • Provides complete visibility on energy spend – find out where your money is going
  • Completely transparent with customer interface – access your data anytime, anywhere
  • Complete turnkey solution to energy reduction – EnergyAce take care of the data analysis and provide the best solution for your needs. All you need to do is enjoy the savings
  • Fully expandable
  • Measures Electricity, gas, water and can be adapted to other processes that require a targeted approach to resource reduction
  • Can prolong the working life of key equipment such as motors and transformers
  • Reduces both energy spend and carbon footprint
  • Performance guaranteed to save at least the cost of solution

Proven technology

EnergyAce have been delivering energy reduction strategies and solutions for well-known commercial brands since 2002.

Energy waste does not just cost money; it also results in increased carbon emissions, something that is increasingly being seen as a key performance monitor for many businesses, including agriculture. While our dependence on energy is unavoidable, effective energy management can result in significant savings. 

Case studies of some of the companies and projects we have undertaken can be found on our website, while our expert knowledge and experience of the energy reduction market, together with our simple 36-month payback guarantee, means you have nothing to lose.

To find out more details about this partnership from the NFU Scotland, please click here and login or call on 0131 472 4000.  

To find out more details about this partnership from EnergyAce, contact us on 01695 559785 or email us at


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  • Remove Reactive Charges
  • Protect Appliances
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Reduce Max Demand
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Flexibility in Design & Build

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