Power Factor Capacitor Tray

EnergyAce manufacture power factor correction capacitor trays in the UK to support the switchgear and OEM market with focus on quality and fast delivery.

detuned power factor tray

With both standard off the shelf designs and bespoke offerings, the power factor correction trays can be tailored to a customers exact needs in respect of dimensions, fixing centres, and variants in switchgear brands like Siemens, ABB, Schneider & Terasaki plus many others.

power factor trayPower factor correction controllers are supplied as a plug and play format fully programmed with default settings specifically modelled for the UK distribution networks with no need to set up the CT ratio or supplied with bespoke settings for each customer to again allow for simple trouble free commissioning

power factor controller

Our standard capacitor tray offerings utilise Siemens switchgear and are specifically designed to maximise the space available while utilising quality components to ensure long term trouble free operation.

Support is provided on the ground in the UK for our own products and all other manufacturers products of capacitor assemblies to give complete peace of mind to suppliers and their end users.

power factor capacitor trayOptions are pretty flexible with some switchgear and OEM customers choosing to free issue steel works to allow EnergyAce to populate with components and test the complete assemblies or sub assemblies.


With on the ground support, expert advice and fast delivery of UK manufactured quality assemblies, peace of mind can be assured.

For more information on how EnergyAce can support switchgear manufacturers and OEMs with all types of power factor correction systems contact us on 01695 559785 or email us at post@energyace.co.uk.
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