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The cost of energy is expensive and it is increasing day by day. Energy costs are a significant proportion of most businesses’ outgoings, so it is essential to keep the costs under control and reduce them where possible, to maximise business growth and profitability in the future.

Almost all businesses in this country are leaking energy – studies by the Carbon Trust show that energy savings of up to 20% are possible for businesses meaning that there is not only a financial saving to be made but a chance to help the environment as well by reducing waste energy. Many business do not deliberately waste energy however significant savings can be made in almost every business. The key is for businesses to identify opportunities on making savings.

Energy control is the key to energy efficiency. If you want to control something, you first must be able to measure it and that is so true when it comes to understanding energy consumption. To make savings, you need to be able to see how your energy is being used.

Remote metering and monitoring and in many cases portable power and energy loggers (PELs) provide cost effective ways to measure your energy usage and are easy to use. They help businesses to measure their power factor levels, phase imbalances, harmonics and levels of voltages and power, all of which can have an impact on energy savings and if not corrected can cost businesses money.

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