power economy ltd power factor correctionJust like Triggers Broom, power factor correction systems can last forever when a planned maintenance program is in place to ensure long term trouble free operation

Power factor correction systems manufacturer by Power Economy Ltd of Bahama Rd, Haydock in the 80s and early 90s still feature heavily in the industrial and commercial sectors of the UK, this longevity is great testament to the quality of components used with 3TK44 Siemens power factor correction switching contactors and Vishay capacitors, this trend has been continued with EnergyAce utilising quality components from the same manufacturers. 

EnergyAce regularly maintain Power Economy Ltd power factor correction systems and harmonic filters throughout the UK and overseas  

Power Economy Ltd ceased to trade in the UK following its sad demise in the late 90s with some of its employees later joining Power Efficient Systems Ltd (now EnergyAce) in 2002 who picked up warranty issues and planned power factor correction maintenance contracts.

This attention to planned maintenance has allowed many of the Power Economy Ltd power factor correction systems to remain functional today and still offering great value for money  when you think of the return the systems have provided in energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction since the 80s & 90s. 

For more information on Power Economy Ltd, power factor correction maintenance and associated power quality products and services, contact EnergyAce on 01695 559785 or email


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