benefits of power factor correction 

When did the power factor correction system trip?

The power of both online remote metering and power factor correction is demonstrated in the graph above, the customer has an 800A three phase supply and following unplanned outages engaged with EnergyAce to create a solution and alternative to installing a new larger supply. 

EnergyAce remote metering and monitoring established the supply was overloaded and the company had an estimate of £900K for a new larger supply although the EnergyAce solution to improve the power factor and reduce currents without switching any machines off line was around £12K installed.

Without the power factor correction in circuit the supply is in danger of overload as EnergyAce reduces the circuit currents by around 400A per phase from 750A to 350A per phase as demonstrated in the graphs.

Following many years of trouble free operation, the period of high current on the graph was a result of the power factor correction system tripping due to a control circuit fault. The fault was picked up immediately by the EnergyAce monitoring system and an engineer was dispatched to rectify the problem within the same day.

The combination of online remote metering, power factor correction and a good maintenance response averted an unplanned outage and large financial losses due to lost production.

The benefits of power factor correction are clear, it not only reduces stress on the local infrastructure, it saves money in many ways:

  1. Reduces penalties like reactive power charges and wattles charges
  2. Reduces maximum demand and associated excess capacity and availability charges
  3. Reduces kw/h on electricity bills 
  4. Reduces circuit currents by 50% on a power factor of < 0.50pf

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