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The EnergyAce A4 Home has been designed for home and residential energy saving to protect all electrical appliances and expensive electronic devices.


Part of the Intercontinental group of hotels, the Holiday Inn London-Mayfair is situated in the heart of London on Berkeley Street and consists of 196 rooms over seven floors. Energy Ace were pleased to supply an Energy Saving System to them.


Among the many responsibilities of Housing Associations, such as easing the pressures associated with fuel poverty, lies an increasing consciousness of energy saving and efficiency in tenants' homes.

The products produced by Energy Ace have proved to be a great help in this area.


Formby Pool leisure facility has been designed to provide a high quality leisure building in a parkland setting and incorporates a swimming pool, gym facility and cafeteria situated at the heart of Formby village.


The People’s History Museum is the United Kingdom’s national centre for the study of material relating to the history of working people in the UK.


NTG are part of the Northern Tissue Group who manufacture tissue paper via their production facility in Lancaster, which has a capability to manufacture of over 30,000 tonnes per annum.


AstraZeneca PLC are a multinational pharmaceutical company with operations in over 100 countries and are renowned for the discovery and development of innovative new medicines.


Large British Plastic Film Producers BPI were in need of power factor improvements due to the unwanted harmonic distortion on one of their sites. This was caused by a high degree of non-linear loads like Inverters.


Permanoid are a cable manufacturer who substantially reduced carbon emissions and met their legislation targets thanks to power factor correction.

Category:Leisure Food 

Part of a large chain, the Kings Head is a typical country public house and restaurant and is required to meet certain obligations under the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC).


Pharmatube are a rapidly expanding pharmaceuticals company who applied for the installation of a larger electrical supply to address their expansion needs.


Lunar Freezing & Cold Storage Ltd based in the fishing ports of Peterhead and Fraserburgh, are suppliers of herring, mackerel, whitefish and salmon products from catching to final delivery worldwide.

Category:Domestic Health 

Caring for up to 78 people, Glenroyd nursing home set out to reduce the maximum demand on their energy so that they could reduce their energy costs and still maintain their excellent standard of care.


The site above is one of many we have improved for a major high street chain of retail and department stores who are committed to energy saving and carbon reduction. Their main criteria were based on a swift return on investment which was achieved with two years.


Energy Ace set out to install an energy saving system for the Port of Holyhead with the aim of keeping energy costs to a minimum.


As a small yet busy office employing around 10 staff and dealing with security products, Arena Access recognised the importance of energy and lighting cost reduction to keep things running smoothly.


Small retail & convenience store Gidlows Fancy Goods desired to make savings in energy on their 100-amp single phase supply which powers their lighting, refrigeration and heating for their many products.

Category:Manufacturing Food 

Soft drinks manufacturer Britvic PLC benefited from The EnergyAce energy reduction system, which saves energy and reduces cost.

Category:IT and Communications 

Spirent Communications PLC is a multinational telecommunications testing company with sites based in the south of England.


Market leading textile manufacturers Terram used EnergyAce energy saving system to improve the company's efficiency, save energy and, most importantly, to reduce bills.


Polyflor are a world leader in vinyl floor manufacture with an annual electrical energy spend in excess of seven million pounds per annum on a 6 Mw site.


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