Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation

VOLTAGE OPTIMISATION                                                   saves energy and protects

Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation with The EnergyAce Voltage Management system returns real measurable savings of up to 20% on general electrical loads and up to 43% on lighting loads.

Voltage Optimisation

EnergyAce voltage optimisation systems are fully automatic and utilises highly efficient and unique patented technology, the EnergyAce optimiation system is installed throughout the UK and overseas in a wide variety of differing businesses, voltage optimisation is a particularly powerful energy saver for business operating long opening hours and mixed load applications where a return on investment can be as short as 1 year.

Voltage optimisation not only saves money by making your business more profitable, it also protects all appliances, machines and plant.

Regulation of Voltage Levels

EnergyAce Voltage optimisation regulates voltage levels more towards mainland European levels where appliances generally function more efficiently, the system also offers protection from the higher voltages experienced in the UK and maintains the designer’s lifespan of appliances machines and plant.

A typical example is energy efficient LED lighting, a recent study identified a small energy saving at lower regulated voltages although more significantly, premature failure at higher voltages.

Show Us Your Bills!

To find out how your business will benefit from EnergyAce voltage optimisation, contact our team of advisors who will request data in the form of electricity bills which you can post, email or fax in order to qualify the potential impact of optimisation.

For more information on voltage optimisation and voltage management technologies, the difference between voltage dependent and voltage independent loads, please click here.

IMPORTANT! Smart Grid Compliance is a very important consideration when considering an investment in an energy savings system incorporating voltage optimisation technology, EnergyAce energy savings systems are fully Smart Grid ready and are available to respond seamlessly to grid fluctuations while other less intelligent systems may place the electrical supply at risk to low voltage as Smart Grid is implemented.

How It Works

The EnergyAce voltage optimisation system exploits the CE Mark regulations, a European safety mark which dictates that all appliances must operate safely across the harmonised voltage levels across the whole of Europe.

Mainland European standards dictate voltage levels of between 207V – 243V although our unique voltages levels in the UK of between 216v – 253v and an average 242v, creates the opportunity to manage voltage to a level where most appliances will function most efficiently between 220v – 230v described as the design level voltage.

Regulating Voltage

As the voltage is a described as a pressure, there is, therefore, an opportunity to regulate this more towards mainland European levels. In mainland Europe, appliances function more efficiently and operate at a lower pressure. This protects the appliance and maintains the designed life span of the appliance while returning substantial levels of energy saving.

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