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Please enter monthly costs found on your electricity bill into our energy saving calculator, should you require assistance with entering the details, please contact us.

For illustration purposes, the default power factor is 0.80pf although if the power factor is detailed on your billing, please replace.

EnergyAce Power Factor Correction Savings

Annual Financial SavingsSystem kva SavingsSystem Amps Savings Annual Savings Tons of Co2

EnergyAce Voltage Management System Savings

Capacity/Availability Total kw/h £ per kw/h
Annual Financial SavingsAnnual Savings TONS of Co2


Total Annual Financial Savings Total Annual Savings TONS of Co2

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  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Save up to 20% on energy usage
  • Remove hidden penalties from bills
  • Make your business more profitable
  • Reduce your carbon emissions

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