Power Factor Correction

Saves Energy, Improves Efficiency, Removes Reactive Power Charges & Reduces Demand

Voltage Optimisation & Stabilisation

EnergyAce Voltage Management Systems Save Energy, Stabilise Voltage & Protect Appliances

Active Harmonic Filtration

EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filters Reduce the Effects of Harmonic Distortion & Ensure Compliance 

Service & Maintenance

Comprehensive Power Factor Correction & Switchgear Maintenance Package with Global Coverage

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Power Surveys, Energy Reviews, Harmonic Surveys, Energy Reduction Surveys & Thermographic Studies 


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What is Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation

Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation have been around since the turn of the 20th century and although their individual benefits and attributes make them a powerful whole site method of energy reduction, when combined the technologies complement each other for maximum impact.

EnergyAce manufactures energy saving systems in the form of Power Factor Correction,  Voltage Management Systems, Voltage Optimisation and Voltage Stabilising Systems, we will look to introduce one or more of the technologies based on the best returns on your investment and greater benefits. 

These technologies when combined with our own patented technology will control and improve overall electrical efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and significantly reduce electricity spend.

Significantly Reduces Your Energy Usage

The EnergyAce energy saving system is specifically designed to save energy and improve electrical efficiency for Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial and Domestic applications.

The EnergyAce energy saving system is designed primarily as a whole site solution, although it can also be implemented in stages to target a clients greatest needs and fastest return on investment.

An EnergyAce for Everyone

The company is unique as it offers individual energy saving solutions or full turnkey projects to clients within the Health, Education, Leisure, Retail, Manufacturing and Domestic markets and has recently been awarded a number of national rollout contracts with large multi-site retail organisations.

Multi-Award Winning Company

The EnergyAce energy saving system has gained global recognition with both national and regional awards for Innovation and Business both in the private and the public sector.

Read more about What is Power Factor Correction

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Helps with ESOS Compliance And Saves Energy

  • Free Survey & Advice
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Remove Reactive Charges
  • Protect Appliances
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Reduce Max Demand
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Flexibility in Design & Build

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What is power factor correction and how does it save energy

Power Factor Correction is a device that is installed on an electrical system to improve the overall electrical efficiency known as power factor of an electrical supply that operates machines or motors.

All motors which can come in the form of a machine, conveyor, mixer, compressor, HVAC, refrigeration, elevator or escalator etc all have an efficiency rating known as power factor.

The ultimate desired power factor is 1.00pf (100% efficient) although most motors operate at a much lower efficiency or power factor which when the effects are accumulated on an electrical supply, the results can be as low at 0.50 power factor and commonly around 0.80 power factor on a typical uncorrected industrial electrical supply.

The solution is to install a power factor correction system which works by switching capacitors in and out of circuit on an electrical supply to counteract the negative inefficient effects of motors automatically.


Jul 7, 2018

voltage sabiliser

A voltage stabiliser is a device that is installed on an electrical supply to maintain and stabilise a suitable voltage level.

All mains powered electrical equipment require a voltage input to be maintained within certain limits although equipment receiving voltages outside of these limits may malfunction or fail prematurely.

A low supply voltage may cause malfunction and a high supply voltage, serious damage.

In some processes it may be crucial to maintain a steady voltage level by installing a voltage stabiliser to ensure voltage levels remain within close limits of ±0.5% or ±1%.



Jun 3, 2018

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