Power Factor Correction

Saves Energy, Improves Efficiency, Removes Reactive Power Charges & Reduces Demand

Voltage Optimisation & Stabilisation

EnergyAce Voltage Management Systems Save Energy, Stabilise Voltage & Protect Appliances

Active Harmonic Filtration

EnergyAce Active Harmonic Filters Reduce the Effects of Harmonic Distortion & Ensure Compliance 

Service & Maintenance

Comprehensive Power Factor Correction & Switchgear Maintenance Package with Global Coverage

Power & Energy Surveys

Power Surveys, Energy Reviews, Harmonic Surveys, Energy Reduction Surveys & Thermographic Studies 


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Holiday Inn
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Wigan Council
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EnergyAce is an award winning energy management company & manufacturer of energy saving systems delivering guaranteed energy savings on electricity bills since January 2002.

Targeting specific areas around inefficiency, with power factor correction, voltage optimisation and energy metering, EnergyAce manufacture bespoke solutions for maximum impact and saving

Our approach is unique, we listen to our clients to get a real understanding of their individual challenges around energy reduction and agree a long term deliverable strategy that in some cases can bring an energy saving in the region of 60% when all elements of EnergyAce are applied – to see how much energy you can save, please contact our offices on 01695 559785 or click here to fill in our contact page.

Under our banner of Save & Protect, EnergyAce have been manufacturing off the shelf and bespoke solutions for many years across all commercial and industrial sectors worldwide.

All EnergyAce engineers are power quality experts with many years of experience who understand the challenges around short term and long term energy saving strategies to give you the comfort that EnergyAce deliver every time.

EnergyAce is a patented energy saving and protection solution developed in association with Innovate the UK Government backed innovation organisation ensuring we deliver the latest and most efficient energy saving technology for maximum saving and long term reliability.

EnergyAce solutions manufactured include:

EnergyAce services include:

What is Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation

Power Factor Correction and Voltage Optimisation are both energy saving systems that can either be used together or independently to create significant energy savings

Their individual benefits and attributes make power factor correction and voltage optimisation a powerful whole site method of energy reduction when combined for maximum impact.


  • Guaranteed savings
  • Reduces kw/h power consumption
  • Removes reactive power penalties on electricity bills
  • Improves renewable power generation
  • Reduces capacity charges / authorised capacity
  • Removes or reduces excess charges
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Reduces max demand and demand based charges
  • Reduces circuit currents
  • Improves efficiency and power quality
  • Protects machines and electrical devices
  • Typical payback of 1 - 3 years

EnergyAce Ltd are the leading independent manufacture of energy saving systems like power factor correction, voltage optimisation and voltage stabiliser systems in the UK, delivering guaranteed energy savings since 2002.

One or more of the power factor correction or voltage optimisation technologies are applied to a client’s site following a detailed data and bill analysis and presented on the strength of benefits and return on investment

Our patented energy savings solutions are recognised by the Carbon Trust and are guaranteed to meet expectations.

Metering and monitoring plays a large part in the wider EnergyAce process, we are a firm believer that to save energy effectively, we firstly need to understand when, where and how energy is consumed, the EnergyAce energy saving system will remotely monitor a client’s energy consumption and take into consideration all utilities to enable effective targeting and alert of issues before they become problematic.

Guaranteed to Significantly Reduce Your Energy Usage

The EnergyAce energy saving system is specifically designed to save energy and improve electrical efficiency and power factor for Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial and Domestic applications.

The EnergyAce energy saving system is designed primarily as a whole site solution, although it can also be implemented in stages to target a client’s greatest needs and fastest return on investment.

An EnergyAce for Everyone

EnergyAce is unique as it offers individual energy saving solutions or full turnkey projects to clients within the Health, Education, Leisure, Retail, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Domestic markets and has recently been awarded a number of national rollout contracts with large multi-site retail organisations.

EnergyAce export energy saving systems like power factor correction and voltage stabiliser systems throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Multi-Award Winning Company

EnergyAce have been delivering quality power factor correction systems, voltage optimisation and voltage stabilisers globally since 2002, the company has gained an excellent reputation for engineering led solutions and recognition with both national and regional awards for Innovation and Business both in the private and the public sector.

Join Our Successful Partner Program

EnergyAce work closely with a number of partners throughout the UK and overseas to deliver quality energy savings systems and advice, contact us for more information and benefits of joining our approved reseller and installer program and learn more about the benefits of power factor correction and voltage optimisation. 

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Helps with ESOS Compliance And Saves Energy

  • Free Survey & Advice
  • Guaranteed Savings
  • Remove Reactive Charges
  • Protect Appliances
  • Reduce Maintenance Cost
  • Reduce Max Demand
  • Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Flexibility in Design & Build

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