Businesses in the catering and hospitality industry are recognising the immediate and long term benefits of voltage optimisation to help reduce spiraling energy costs.

A recent report on energy efficiency from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) and Space Catering identified voltage optimisation as a way for businesses in the industry to take back control of energy costs.

EnergyAce Compact not only lowers electricity bills but also reduces electricity consumption, cuts carbon emissions and increases the operating life of all electrical equipment. 

EnergyAce Compact – Looking after the hospitality industry

Implementing EnergyAce Compact in catering and hospitality businesses provide significant savings potential. Commonly used kitchen equipment, for example, are ideal loads for making savings through voltage optimisation. Range ovens, dishwashers and storage fridges and freezers are all notoriously demanding when it comes to energy usage.

Proven and reliable modern technology

Voltage optimisation is a term given to the managed controlled reduction in voltages experienced by a consumer to reduce energy use, power demand and reactive power demand. Modern voltage optimisation systems such as the EnergyAce Compact are not just quick and simple to install but they have the added benefit of improving power quality, along with lowering the risk of equipment failure, which can be a concern due to variations in higher voltages.

Voltage optimisation is a proven and reliable technology, widely used by larger hospitality and leisure sites, but the EnergyAce Compact technology is now putting this technology into a marketplace firmly within the reach of smaller hospitality and catering businesses.

EnergyAce Compact’s technology is making a tried and trusted energy saving solution available to more businesses than ever before and the retail sector is well placed to take advantage of this three in one benefits package:

  • energy savings,
  • longer-lasting equipment,
  • carbon footprint reduction

A positive effect on the whole property from just one smart unit!

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EnergyAce is a Patented Energy Saving Technology and an Award Winning Company now in its 14th year of trading, all our products are manufactured in the UK and carry the prestigious “Made In Britain” marque.

EnergyAce has a very successful record in delivering energy savings to its many clients, which include some well-known high street names like Walkers/Heinz/The Co-operative/DHL and Unilever. The company has earned many accreditations and is associated with the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), ISO 9001, Safe Contractor, Construction-line, UKTI Passport to Export designed to assist UK companies to export globally and the Carbon Trust. 2015 has seen EnergyAce receive a national award for Innovation for the EnergyAce system with the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA), a National award for Contractor of the Year from the ECA, a Regional award of Business of the Year for the BIBAS (Be Inspired Business Awards – Lancashire and a substantial six figure Innovate (TSB) award to further enhance the EnergyAce Energy Saving System.


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