The Voltage Optimisation Industry Council for Excellence

The Voltage Optimisation Industry Council for Excellence

EnergyAce is a founder member of VOICE, the Voltage Optimisation Council for Excellence who is setting new standards of conduct for the Voltage Optimisation Industry.

The VOICE organisation has been established to ensure a high degree of credibility for voltage management technology, to maintain the highest standards of practice and to create a code of conduct against miss selling and poor practice.

Founder Member of the VOICE

EnergyAce are a founder member of the VOICE organisation which includes the main UK based manufacturers of voltage management systems, and voltage optimisation products, the aim of the VOICE organisation is to ensure the technology is sold, applied and the savings measured correctly.

A guide has been created to assist in a potential client's decision to invest in voltage management technology as an energy reduction technique and to dispel some of the myths surrounding voltage optimisation.

To view the buyer's guide, please click here

Make sure your purchase decision is protected, ensure you only buy voltage management energy saving technology from a VOICE member.

To read more about VOICE, download the VOICE Voltage Management Buyers Guide.

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