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Does it really matter that my voltage is high?

Voltage levels in the UK are stipulated at between 216v & 253v although the average voltage level in the UK is 242v and much higher than mainland European levels.

In general, the greater the voltage level the higher the energy consumption (kWh), higher voltage can also increase the heat generated in electrical appliances which in many cases reduces the life expectancy of household appliance, including TVs, Refrigerators, Computers, Gaming Systems, Sound Systems and light bulbs.

Most electrical equipment sold in Europe is designed to run more efficiently around 220V. All electrical equipment is designed using parameters such as voltage, frequency, capacity, etc. so to ensure that these are operating at their optimum performance, they need to operate as close as possible to their design characteristics.

Why don’t the Suppliers just turn down the voltage?

Voltage can’t be turned down as in general the whole infrastructure is set up to deliver 240-250V, if it is turned down all cables and local substations would need upgrading. In addition, if they did so there would be resistance from some energy suppliers as it may immediately reduce their income by around 10%

Will EnergyAce Compact work in my home or small business?

Voltage Optimisation is a recognised technology that is particularly relevant in the UK, as power supplied by the National Grid is often supplied at a voltage above the recommended operating levels for the household appliances in the home or small business.

How is EnergyAce Compact installed?

The unit fits in-line with your current electricity unit and does not require any rewiring or any change of electricity provider. It can be installed by any competent qualified registered electrician and does not require special training.

How long does take to install an EnergyAce Compact?

Typically installation will take less than 1 hour and will require the electricity to be switched off approximately 10 - 20 minutes.

What is Voltage Optimisation?

Voltage Optimisation is an electrical energy saving technique which is installed in series with the mains electricity supply to give an optimum supply voltage for the site’s equipment.

Where can I purchase an EnergyAce Compact Unit?

You can purchase a system from a network of stockists and distributors throughout the UK. Please contact the sales office for further information on 01695 559785 (international +00 44 (0) 1695 559785) or email

What does the EnergyAce Compact unit do?

The unit is a voltage optimisation device designed for use in homes and small businesses. The EnergyAce Compact system optimises the incoming voltage to around 220V giving homes and small businesses immediate and significant energy savings for the whole premises. Every circuit is optimised 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by one unit installed on the incoming mains supply.

How big is an EnegyAce Compact Unit?

The 63A single phase unit is around the same size as the consumer unit (fuse board) and measures 340mm wide, 215mm high and 115mm deep. The 100A single phase measures 410mm wide 280mm high and 150mm deep. The 63 & 100A three phase units both measure 600mm wide, 500mm high & 300mm deep.

How will it be installed?

The EnergyAce unit will be installed between the meter and consumer unit and must be installed by a competent qualified, registered electrician.

How can I find an electrician to install the EnergyAce unit?

A list of qualified electricians can be found online at or alternatively, call us and we will provide you with some details of local tradespeople.

How much energy will an EnergyAce Compact unit save?

Through the verified results we have gathered from hundreds of installations, EnergyAce voltage optimisers save around 10% - 12% off annual electricity kWh consumption and can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a household or small business.

What makes EnergyAce Compact a worthwhile investment?

Electricity prices are set to continue to rise and people are concerned both about this and their carbon footprint. Fitting an EnergyAce Compact unit is guaranteed to reduce energy bills for the whole house or small business for many many years, 24 hours a day, seven days a week  and without any other changes in lifestyle.

Will I be required to change my Fuse/Distribution Board?

No, an EnergyAce Compact unit is installed before the fuse board (consumer unit) and does not require this to be changed or re-wired.

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What level of savings and payback can I expect to see?

Savings vary depending on the equipment on site but typically we see between 7%-14% savings on kWh consumption and payback periods from as little as 10 months.

How long does take to install an EnergyAce Compact?

Typically this can take between 2-4 hours, however you will only be without mains power for approximately 30 minutes.

How big is an EnergyAce 3 phase unit?

The three phase (100/63A) units are 600mm wide, 500mm high and 300mm deep.

What is the maximum capacity for the unit?

The units are rated at 72kVA which is 100A per phase and 45kVA 63A per phase.

My maximum demand is over 100A (72kVA), what do I do?

Larger voltage optimisation units are available from us, please contact us on our office number to discuss further.

Can EnergyAce Compact unit be installed outside?

The unit is made to be installed internally, however we can supply the unit in an IP65 rated external enclosure (additional costs will apply).

How does EnergyAce work with inductive and resistive loads?

Voltage optimisation gives best results on inductive loads – motors and lighting with magnetic ballasts for example – and significant savings can be achieved on motors and in particular refrigeration/cooling equipment.

On resistive loads without an active thermocouple, voltage optimisation will also give good results to conserve power and extend the life of the appliance and components.

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