EnergyAce is brought to you by Power Efficient Systems Ltd (PES), a solutions provider to the energy efficiency market. We manufacture energy saving systems in the form of Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Voltage Management Systems (VMS – Voltage Optimisation), in conjunction with our own patented technology to control and improve overall electrical efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce electricity spend by up to 20%.

The elements of the EnergyAce power saving system are specifically designed to improve electrical efficiency for Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial and Domestic applications. They address a number of specific areas and can be implemented as a whole site solution or in stages to target a clients greatest needs and fastest return on investment.

This unique approach utilising patented technology and well established techniques, delivers real measurable savings to our clients worldwide.

Established within the energy efficiency sector since January 2002, Power Efficient Systems support the EnergyAce brand with engineering expertise to deliver a selection of energy surveys and investigative studies to solve problems and ensure compliance while after sales support is provided by a nationwide service and maintenance team.

Latest News

Welcome to our RAF trained Senior Sales Engineer
WELCOME TO ROYAL AIR FORCE trained Alex Peaston who has joined EnergyAce as our Senior Sales Engineer. Achieving the rank of Chief Technician in the RAF, Alex went on to become a Trade Manager before a great FM career in building facilities maintenance at Selfridges & Co, engineering w [Read more…]
PQE Ltd Power Quality Engineering
It is almost two years since the sad demise of PQE Ltd, Power Quality Engineering of Wigan, 01942 513000 a supplier of power factor correction and voltage optimisation products and services. Thanks to our committed service and maintenance department, we have been able to help a great nu [Read more…]
UK Manufacturer Doubles Power-Saving Workforce
ENERGY-SAVING MANUFACTURER EnergyAce - formerly Power Efficient Systems Ltd (PES) -  is roaring out of the recession, doubling its staff to 20 employees in just one year, also doubling its turnover and quadrupling the size of its manufacturing facility! A raft of patents has been filed [Read more…]

From the Blog

Smart Meters not Enough to Cut Residential or Small Firms’ Energy Use
One Borough Partnership we're working with has generated an average 12.74% saving in tenants' electricity costs using Our EnergyAce A4 Home system. The Government's Smart Meter roll-out has been delayed again until March 2016. Previous research shows the technology alone may not save energy as cu [Read more…]
ESOS – Making it easy (& cheaper!)
THE ESOS SCHEME formally kicks in 31 December 2015. We have a number of trusted assessors who can help you understand your energy usage.   Failure to meet this basic requirement could mean a hefty fine and, if firms leave it until last minute, there may not be enough assessors available to complete [Read more…]