EnergyAce is brought to you by Power Efficient Systems Ltd (PES), a solutions provider to the energy efficiency market. We manufacture energy saving systems in the form of Power Factor Correction (PFC) and Voltage Management Systems (VMS – Voltage Optimisation), in conjunction with our own patented technology to control and improve overall electrical efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and reduce electricity spend by up to 20%.

The elements of the EnergyAce power saving system are specifically designed to improve electrical efficiency for Industrial, Commercial, Light Commercial and Domestic applications. They address a number of specific areas and can be implemented as a whole site solution or in stages to target a clients greatest needs and fastest return on investment.

This unique approach utilising patented technology and well established techniques, delivers real measurable savings to our clients worldwide.

Established within the energy efficiency sector since January 2002, Power Efficient Systems support the EnergyAce brand with engineering expertise to deliver a selection of energy surveys and investigative studies to solve problems and ensure compliance while after sales support is provided by a nationwide service and maintenance team.

Latest News

Salut et bienvenue!
WELCOME TO EnergyAce's annual Summer intern, Amelle Bradai from Lyons.  The 18 year old International Trade student, here in the North for 8 weeks, says she's finding the projects interesting; she is currently comparing markets in England and France for the EnergyAce A4 for Home prod [Read more…]
5 Star Awards!
  WE'RE IN THE FINALS - 5 TIMES! We've been nominated for Manufacturer of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Small Business in the finals of Lancashire's Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBAs,) our region's premier awards. The BIBA judges will visit our business onsite imm [Read more…]
Guaranteed Savings; full pints & no froth.
BEFORE THE CAMPAIGN for Real Ale (CAMRA) beer more froth than liquid fizzed into your pint. So it is with Voltage Optimisation (VO), rather than modern Voltage Management (VM.)  A cheap, keg product neither does the job nor suits your taste. At worst it leaves you with a nasty hangover.  [Read more…]

From the Blog

Cutting the Mustard!
FOOD MANUFACTURER Mustard Foods found their growth plans constrained by the size of their connection to the electricity grid. They were unable to expand due to lack of spare substation capacity and needed help to unlock growth potential. As part of a Manufacturing Advisory Service review (MAS), S [Read more…]
Smart Meters not Enough to Cut Residential or Small Firms’ Energy Use
One Borough Partnership we're working with has generated an average 12.74% saving in tenants' electricity costs using Our EnergyAce A4 Home system. The Government's Smart Meter roll-out has been delayed again until March 2016. Previous research shows the technology alone may not save energy as cu [Read more…]